John Emily Studio

Honoring a Family Tradition
of Creativity and Dedication

Who is John Emily?

Most people are curious about the origin of the name, John Emily is a healing force from a loved member that guards over this beautiful venture from above.

Juan Emilio is Maritza’s brother, a talented artist himself who shares this journey hand in hand with his sister and her 2 children Cristian and Katheryn, the 3 founders. Through this powerful leadership an incredible experience is crafted, not just for clients, but for the talented team it’s made of.

John Emily cherishes the importance of creating a nurturing space for their team, which in turn leads to happy artists making dreams come true for brides and the most beloved women in their life.

The John Emily
Studio Experience

John Emily Studio is the peace of mind every bride seeks when navigating the world of wedding vendors. It’s more than a place to alter your wedding gown, it’s a space of serenity and comfort.

Every detail about the studio is intentional: located in the heart of Dilworth, the inviting lilac and tiffany hues, the scent of lavender and natural greenery fills the experience with a sense of tranquility and calm.

We pride ourselves on being kind, dependable and organized, ensuring that our dedicated team delivers quality and craftsmanship with integrity.

Attention to detail is our staple, relieving brides and their families from the worry of overseeing a job that only our passionate team can perfect.

Our Core Values

Guide & Educate


We recruit, train, and hire passionate people who love their craft. John Emily Studio promotes a happy environment, ensuring that the work is of high quality and filled with integrity.

The results from a happy team are happy customers. We focus on all aspects of the wedding to create personalized experiences for each bride, our guided processes assure brides feel and look their best on the most important day of their lives.

Guide & Educate

In every step of the process, guidance and education mark our commitment to understanding our unique team and customers.

We take the time to explain all our processes by offering transparency and clear communication every step of the way.


At the end of the day, we are artists, and just like engineers, we have to create, transform, and design intricate jobs.

We work through each of our studio’s offerings with industry expertise and patience to offer high quality products and services.


This is our happy ending.

When every challenge we face comes to a solution, every bride deserves to walk down the aisle happy, comfortable, and feeling her best.

This is where we deliver our commitment of an unforgettable bridal experience.

Meet the Team

Our team of experts is ready to transform the dress of your dreams.

  • Katheryn Hermida

    Katheryn Hermida

    Co-Owner and Executive Chief
  • Chystian Hermida

    Chystian Hermida

    Co-Owner and Chief of Operations
  • Maritza Batallas

    Maritza Batallas

    Co-Owner and Chief of Talent
  • Atiyya Humin

    Atiyya Humin

    Alterations Specialist - Designer
  • Tonya Dean

    Tonya Dean

    Business Development & Marketing
  • Pamela Baron

    Pamela Baron

    Client Service Specialist
  • Andreina Luquez

    Andreina Luquez

    Social Media Manager - Marketing

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