Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Experience and Policies

John Emily Studio is committed to providing a personalized and memorable experience for every bride. Our Master level alterations, exceptional workmanship, and attentive customer service cater to your desires, addressing any concerns or pain points you may have. We pride ourselves on guiding each bride through a personalized process that ensures transparency, honesty and clear communication every step of the way.

To stay up-to-date on our seasonal updates, business policies, and turnaround times, we encourage you to follow our website and social media channels. You can also reach out to our team via phone, email, or in person to inquire about any changes or adjustments to our services, ensuring a seamless and stress-free alterations experience.

You can reach us by phone at (704) 705-5282, by visiting our location at 1222 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, or by emailing us at We’re so excited to be a part of your magical journey towards a truly memorable wedding day.

The happiness of our team is the core of our top-rated services. We take pride in focusing our efforts to make our team have a positive experience in an industry that is highly overlooked. Kindness, Compassion, Quality Work and Reliability is what John Emily Studio is applauded for, and we practice our values regularly to offer exceptional service to our valued customers.

Communication and Coordination

A few ways to communicate with us is via phone, email or by filling out the “Bridal Alterations Interest Form”, it’s important you are as detailed as possible when contacting us. 

A few things to note if you are emailing us, please share your best contact phone number, boutique and wedding date. The booking process is personalized for each bride’s unique situation, our booking steps will be explained in detail for a seamless process.

First you will contact the studio, then our booking team will study your dates and wedding details to coordinate a day to begin the alterations process. Lastly, your booking will be officially confirmed “after” we have received the “Bridal Alterations Interest Form”, this last step helps our team prepare and label your booking according to your specific details.

There are times after reviewing the interest form that the fitting consultants would schedule a phone call prior to meeting you in person. This step helps both you and our team have clear communication on specific details you shared with us.

To ensure the alterations team and the designers have enough time to offer the services, the turnaround time required for custom work will be extended to 15–20 weeks prior to the wedding date. Please note that rush alterations might not be applicable for this service.

We recognize that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and we strive to make the alterations process as smooth as possible. Our standard timeline, including a first fitting, is 10–12 weeks before the wear date, keeping in mind this could be your bridal portraits date and if your wedding is local or destination, this could change the booking timeframes.

Any Bridal Alterations under the 10-week mark are considered rushed. We do offer rush alterations services, this allows you to receive a 10-week service in a shorter time with the same quality and experience.

Gown Preparation and Fittings

During your first fitting consultation, we provide an intimate, one-on-one bridal experience focused on understanding your unique needs and vision. Our skilled fitting experts will offer tailored suggestions and recommendations according to your wedding timeline, venue, location and overall wedding style.

Of course! We offer in-person 30 min consultations for a $50 fee, allowing you to experience our expert’s detailed alterations plan. We understand that your wedding day is a very special event, and we’re here to help make your alterations experience clear and detailed.

Your first visit entails a series of guided steps to prepare you for the initial consultation. We understand that trusting your dress to be pinned, measured and adjusted can be a stressful experience, this is why our team of skilled fitting experts have reviewed your file in detail and are ready to begin transforming your wedding gown. 

A few important things you can do to ease the process: bring shoes to all your fittings, and if possible bring 1-2 supportive guests to your appointments. We want to make you and your friends/family feel confident that our expertise includes altering more than 5,000 wedding gowns, this is the time to take the pressure off and allow us to work our magic. The fitting lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.

No problem, our team will make sure you have video tutorials on bustle instructions and how to properly get into your gown. We have all eyes on you to make sure all angles are covered.

Typically, a 2nd bridal fitting is scheduled 4–6 weeks from your initial appointment, this allows for a 3rd fitting to be scheduled for minor adjustments that may come up through the alterations process. Follow-up fittings last between 20–40 minutes.

We understand that body changes can be an emotional aspect of wedding preparations, and many times it’s not intentional. Our skilled Senior Fitting Experts are experienced in these situations leading up to the wedding day. “Major” sizing changes are considered to be 2” or more inches of change on bust, waist or hip measurements. You can trust our team to manage these changes by carefully allowing fabric to be taken in/out as well as building corset backs.

We understand that last-minute changes may be necessary, and we’re here to support you. If you need additional adjustments, simply call 4 weeks before your wedding to schedule a “Follow Up After Release” booking. Our team will review your file and make necessary adjustments, please note this will incur separate costs. As part of our commitment, we will take into consideration all previous payments to work with getting you back to perfect fit.

Times have changed, most women are full time professionals and scheduling conflicts easily arise. John Emily Studio is here to support you while you are juggling many things at once. Our professional booker will handle your alterations plan and try to schedule out as many appointments as possible to avoid rescheduling. 

We are a high volume studio supporting over 400 brides every year, it’s important to make time for your fittings in your calendar, in the end, this is a magical time in your life and it deserves all the attention. At the moment our hours of operation are M-F 10am – 6pm, this is subject to change according to market demand and seasonality.

According to the fit level you want to accomplish and if any custom work is needed, our skilled fitting experts will quote the ticket in 4 areas, overall bodice sizing, hemming, bustles and custom work. A typical full bridal alteration including at least 3 of those areas range between $450-$1,250, keeping in mind volume of dress, designer brand, fitting intricacy and special requests.

Any alterations areas that have been pinned at your fitting will be charged the same day, in some cases we pin all 4 areas, other times we pin only the bodice at your first fitting. As we continue to grow and expand, payment terms will be updated with more options that work best for you.

Special Alterations Requests

Yes, a 15-minute call for $25, you can book a phone consultation with a skilled Senior Fitting Expert, this will help guide you in advance of your fittings in person. The guided call will review detailed wedding details to create a “Personalized Bridal Alterations Proposal”, this extra step will put you ahead of the game when beginning your alterations journey.

We value each bride’s individuality and strive to accommodate unique gown requirements within our range of services. If you have specific alteration needs or custom requests, please email us with detailed information and reference images at Our team will evaluate your request and guide you towards the best solution, ensuring a positive and satisfying experience.

Prior to meeting in person, please email us photos and schedule a phone consultation. If you decide you want our team to review the gown in person, our team of skilled Senior Fitting Experts will work with you to assess the alterations possibilities on this type of gown. This is a 30-minute consultation for a $50 fee that reviews the gown’s condition and determines if alterations are recommended. In some cases these gowns are too fragile to alter, our team of experts will make sure our recommendations and advice always have your best interest at heart.

Designer Gowns like Pronovias, Anne Barge, Vera Wang, Kleinfeld NY, Ines di Santo and others require a top level experience. Our senior team is highly trained to take on these intricate jobs, during your booking process this special detail will be highlighted to match you with a senior level consultant.

 A few things to note about high-end designer gowns is that it takes 3 times the amount of time to service compared to a non-designer gown. All this is taken into consideration when the alterations plan is created with more intricacy, care and dedication. 

High-end designer gowns are worked on by a senior team only for an up-charge, this reserves the delicate work with the most experienced craftsman in the studio.

To request custom work and design services, please be very specific in the “Bridal Alterations Interest Form” that is sent through our booking system. Our teams will create a comprehensive alterations plan to complete your full bridal look. Some examples of custom work include custom corsets, veils, sleeves, capes and bows. Depending on the designer’s schedule and availability, these offerings can vary during high demand seasons.

Yes, repair packages are available pre-alterations, including for off-the-rack gowns. A detailed review of the gown’s condition will determine the order of services recommended, it might be required to dry-clean a gown before it’s brought into the alterations shop for servicing. We understand the importance of your gown, and we’re committed to treating it with the care and expertise it deserves.

No worries, we have a plan for you. We recognize that planning with more time can ease your mind to complete this service with no hassle. This also adds on a layer of planning to allow for possible sizing changes that could happen between the beginning of your alterations journey and your magical wedding day. John Emily Studio will clearly highlight this detail when booking your first fitting, ideally a reasonable completion time frame between 15–20 weeks.

Once alterations have been completed within a 15-20 week period, the gown will go home with you. According to season, available storage and market demand, we can usually store your dress at no fee for about 6 weeks before your wedding, given that all alterations have been completed. We do not offer storage fees at the moment, but this could change in the future.

This is totally normal, considering women tend to fluctuate in sizing due to stress in the weeks leading up to their wedding. We totally understand, and we have a plan for you, first try the gown on at HOME and have a close friend/relative review it with you. Second, call us if you find there are additional adjustments necessary to book a “Follow Up After Release” booking, this lets our team know that we have completed alterations, and you are coming back to the studio. There is a $50 booking fee for this service, we want to make every step of the way accessible to you taking into consideration all previous payments, major adjustments will be charged separately.

Gown Care and Preservation

At John Emily Studio, we take great care to maintain the pristine condition of your gown throughout the alterations process. Our experienced team handles each gown with the utmost care and attention to detail. Additionally, we offer gown steaming, dry cleaning and preservation services to ensure your gown looks impeccable on your wedding day and remains a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Our steam services are designed to have your gown looking absolutely flawless. We offer two pricing options depending on the size of the gown ($80 or $120) Veil steam services are 100% complimentary, this is a same-day service, to keep you organized, we will always send your veil home with you. (Some Veils are subject to Steaming Fees) Steam Handling Instructions will be included.

Satin, Crepe and Silk gowns are easily wrinkled, after your bridal portraits you can bring your wedding gown back to John Emily Studio and you can get a 2nd steam/press service for 25% OFF.

Yes we do! We want all the women in your wedding to look flawless, steam/press services for smaller formal gowns have two pricing options depending on the gown ($40 or $60).

been professionally steamed?

After you have experienced guidance in alterations from our team, you can expect the same level of attention and care for this last step leading up to your wedding journey. We will give you transport, travel, touch up and other detailed instructions for handling the gown after it has been steamed to avoid wrinkling. 

Our skilled expert’s recommendation is to bring your gown to John Emily Studio to be serviced by Gown Care by JES, our dry cleaning and preservation department. The sooner you bring your gown, the faster it will be to remove stubborn spots and stains.

Wedding gown preservation is distinct from standard dry cleaning. While dry cleaning treats stains, it doesn’t preserve your gown for the long term. Our specialists create a personalized treatment plan considering your gown’s fabric, stitching, details, and any stains. This plan can even address outdoor stains, such as grass or dirt, as well as wine/champagne spills from your celebrations. It renews your dress without harming delicate fabrics, protecting it for years to come. 

After dry cleaning, your gown will be lovingly placed in a preservation box with a transparent window, showcasing your dress and veil beautifully. Our cleaner facilities are in Charlotte, your gown will never be shipped out of state for this service.

With our expert dry cleaning and preservation services, we’ll take the utmost care in treating your gown. Priced at $325 for dry cleaning and $125 for preservation. Gown Preservation is only available if the gown is dry-cleaned for a total of $450. 

We’ll make sure your gown remains a treasured memento of your special day for years to come. Storing Instructions will be included. If you choose to dry-clean without preservation, the gown will be stored in a clear garment bag and placed on a secure hanger.

Yes, we do offer repair packages done by our Alterations Department. Repair Packages are available ”after” the gown has been professionally dry-cleaned if worn to a big event to treat it with the care and expertise it deserves.

The gown will be stored with no fees up to 20 weeks from the drop off date for Gown Care Services.

Storage options after 20 weeks are currently not available, our booker will reach out to you to make arrangements to pick up your gown within the allowed time frame.

If your gown is at John Emily Studio past the 20-week mark after it has been serviced for Dry Clean and/or Preservation, a $50 fee for each week will accrue until the gown is picked up. Courier House Calls options are available on a first come, first served basis for a $40 delivery fee within a 50-mile radius. This service varies in availability depending on season and market demand.


At John Emily Boutique, we take pride in offering an exquisite selection of brands that cater to your unique style and preferences. Our collection includes the elegant designs of Jenny You, the sophisticated allure of Jovani, the charm of Untamed Petals, designer jewelry by Olive & Piper, the timeless elegance of Alexander by Daymor, and our top seller SPANX for comfort and style.

The styling journey for made-to-order gowns varies between 2 and 14 weeks for delivery, depending on the designer brand. We value the uniqueness of your choice; hence, please note that ordered gowns, as well as display or off-the-rack gowns, are final sales with no returns.

Yes, alterations are an additional service. However, to offer our appreciation a 15% discount is applied on alterations for all dresses purchased from John Emily Studio, whether ordered or off the rack.

Steaming is a separate service with a 25% discount for all John Emily Studio dresses whether it’s ordered or off the rack.

To maintain the exclusivity and uniqueness of our collection, we do not offer exchanges. Each piece you select is a final sale. Damaged/defective merchandise must be reviewed prior to release of the item from our location.

Your convenience is our priority. Feel free to visit us anytime during our working hours; no appointments are necessary. We do offer online booking to best serve your shopping requests and match you with a stylist.

Return Policy

At John Emily Studio, we are dedicated to ensuring that every item you purchase is a perfect fit for your special moments. Our return policy is designed to uphold the quality and exclusivity of our products, while respecting the choices of our valued customers.

Final Sale on All Products: All items, including dresses, jewelry, shapewear, and undergarments, are final sale once they leave our store. We do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds on any products.

Jewelry: For the safety and comfort of all our clients, we maintain a strict no-return policy on all jewelry items, especially earrings. This policy is in place to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and customer care.

Shapewear and Undergarments: Due to the intimate nature of shapewear and undergarments, these items are also final sale. We do not accept returns or exchanges, even in the case of damages, to ensure the utmost hygiene for all our clients.

Made-to-Order and Off-the-Rack Dresses: Each dress, whether made-to-order or purchased off the rack, is a unique expression of personal style. As such, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any gowns once they have been purchased.

Alterations and Steaming Services: Please note that alterations and steaming services are available at an additional cost, with special discounts for dresses purchased from John Emily Studio. Alterations and Gown Care services are non-refundable once paid. 

Sales Tax: All purchases are subject to North Carolina sales tax, as applicable by law.

– We encourage our clients to carefully consider their choices before making a purchase, as our dedicated team is here to provide guidance and support throughout the selection process.

– For any queries or concerns regarding our return policy, please feel free to contact us. Our team is committed to ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

We thank you for choosing John Emily Studio for your special occasions and look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect ensemble.